Orgelpark Research Reports (English)

Prof. dr. J. Fidom


The Orgelpark’s Research Program regularly presents symposia, colloquia and other activities in co-operation with the Professorship of Organ Musicology established by the Orgelpark at VU University Amsterdam. A selection of the papers presented during these events will be published by the Orgelpark in the Orgelpark Research Reports.


The Orgelpark Research Reports are e-books intended to be read on an e-reader such as the iPad. They are also available to be read on your computer, in the event should you not have an iPad. Should you not have a computer, or would like a paper copy for whatever reason, these are available from the Orgelpark at extra cost. To order these, please send an email to Please be aware that the sound clips, films and advanced search possibilities are, of course, not available in the paper versions!  


The following contains two versions of each publication by the Orgelpark Research Program: one for the iPad and one for your computer. You can download the version of your choice of each report you wish to read.



If you have downloaded an iPad version, this can be installed on your iPad by using iTunes. Save the downloaded text to the ‘books’ folder of iTunes which you will find in the upper left corner of the iTunes window. Then connect your iPad to your computer and synchronize it. In order to be able to read the Orgelpark Research Reports, you will need the iBooks app on your iPad. This app is available via the iTunes Store.


Computer: interactive pdf

If you have downloaded an interactive pdf version, you will need Adobe Reader version X (available free on the internet) in order to be able to read this optimally. Older versions of Adobe Reader may not allow the sound clips and/or films to work optimally or at all.


Orgelpark Research Reports #1: Anton Bruckner

Anton Bruckner: two lectures held on 3 March 2012 during the Orgelpark’s Bruckner Festival.

• Herman Jeurissen: Anton Bruckner, Builder of Symphonic Cathedrals

• Peter Planyavsky: Anton Bruckner, Scaling the Peaks of Improvisation in a Flat Musical Landscape


Orgelpark Research Reports #2: Music as Installation Art

Music as Installation Art: the oration given by Hans Fidom on 24 May, 2011 on his appointment as the Extraordinary Professor of Organ Musicology at VU University Amsterdam.  


Orgelpark Research Report #3/1 and #3/2: Improvisation

Fifteen essays concerning the history and analysis of musical improvisation, based on the lectures delivered in the course of the International Improvisation Project the Orgelpark organized in 2008-2011.


Orgelpark Research Report #5/1: The New Baroque Organ

Essays on the plans, the tuning and the digital interface of the New Baroque Organ the Orgelpark is currently building. Research Report #5 will consist of several parts; this is part 1.




Report #1 Anton Bruckner - epub

Report #1 Anton Bruckner - pdf

Report #2 Music as Installation Art - epub

Report #2 Music as Installation Art - pdf

Report #3/1 Improvisation - epub

Report #3/1 Improvisation - pdf

Report #3/2 Improvisation - epub

Report #3/2 Improvisation - pdf

Report #5/1 The New Baroque Organ - pdf


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